Erika Miklósa

Erika Miklósa turned to singing and joined the Hungarian State Opera as the youngest ever at the age of 19. She was invited to her first performance abroad by Júlia Hamari as a result of which master and student appeared on stage together in 1992. It was still in that year that she had the opportunity to sing the Queen of the Night in Mannheim, which later became her hallmark role. Her international career began a steep rise afterwards.

She reprised her Mozart role at all significant opera houses from London to Paris, from Munich to New York. Her unique voice has conquered the world and with numerous international invitations and more than 300 performances she has become the most sought-after singer of this role. She has had a continuous contract with the New York Metropolitan Opera. Besides operas she has proved herself in musicals and operettas as well as appeared in several exclusive gala concerts. She has hosted many performances at the Hungarian State Opera – her versatility can also be witnessed at the Silver Rose Ball, during which apart from hosting the event she is going to perform.